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Founded in 1996 and specialized in producing and developing investment casting parts, Taizhou Xinyu Precision Casting C.,Ltd is a joint venture with enormous potentiality.As an experienced producer of more than 6000 types of precision castings, we uphold a fine reputation for success in providing over 500 worldwide companies with quality products and first-grade service.
We have perfect production control and quality control systems. Our production Control system adopts internet information management on a full scale and our quality control system is becoming perfect day by day. We gained ISO9000 certificate in 2001 and ISO9000-2008 certificate in 2009 and TS16949 certificate in 2005 and TS16949-2002 certificate in 2009.
We have excellent,reliable quality testing means and equipment, which are capable of analyzing and testing six categories of metal materials, I.e.steel,iron, aluminum,copper,nickel and cobalt. Such advanced devices as barometer,metallography microscope,mechanical property testing machine, nondestructive inspection are also used in our company. The original production and testing records of all the products from our company, even one year after manufacture,can be inquired about as long as their delivery numbers are available..